Membership in the band is voted on at any of the general meetings.

Annual general meetings vote on the Executive of the band: Pipe Major, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, and Recording Secretary.

Pipe Major appoints section leaders: Pipe Sergeant, Pipe Corporal, Drum Sergeant and Colour Party Leader

Executive 2022

Ryan Moore


  • call & chair band meetings (4 annually)

  • call & chair executive meetings

  • work with Quartermaster to ensure uniforms are in good shape

Keith Falardeau


  • act in absence of the President

  • Key Ad

  • Promotion Package

  • social media

Rob Grant


  • responsible for all book keeping - balancing books & maintaining receipts

  • keeper of the cheque book

  • complete and file income tax annually

  • responsible for ensuring all bills are paid in a timely manner (internal and external)

  • prepare financial statement for all band meetings

Finlay Macdonald


  • take minutes at all band meetings

  • take minutes at all executive meetings

  • circulate band meeting minutes to all band members

  • circulate executive minutes to all executive members

  • record weekly attendance of members and students

  • track response for attendance at gigs - in and out of town

  • provide annual summary of attendance - practice and gigs

Greg Hollins


  • check email account 2-3 times per week

  • check mail box weekly, (or more if needed)

  • handle all registrations - piping association, competitions etc

  • update band contact list annually and circulate to band members

  • update email address list annually

  • act as point of contact for gigs - keep the Pipe Major and President up to date

Rory Bain


  • In charge of instruction

  • Full control of performances

  • Musical control

In addition to individual roles the entire executive is responsible for:

  • fundraising as necessary

  • PR

  • recruitment

  • general decision making

  • work with Pipe Major(s) to set band direction

  • miscellaneous tasks as they arise

Section Leaders

Pipe Section

Pipe Major: Rory Bain

Pipe Sergeant: tba

Pipe Corporal: tba

Drum Section

Drum Sergeant: Joe Petch

Colour Party